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Michael Brimble

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Cyprus Summer 2017

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2010-2017 - New Work Added

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Esperance, Western Australia


Michael Brimble is a visual artist who works in two and three dimensions.  Michael has travelled widely to gain an understanding of diverse artistic and cultural traditions, to assimilate their influence and construct a synthesis in his art.


""My method of working is to collect found objects, packaging and anything I find visually stimulating.  I then select from these found objects and from objects I have made, painted, constructed etc, objects that "sing" to one another through their form, colour, texture; placing them in a two or three dimensional space that is activated by these objects, a space that is reciprocally dependant on everything within it." MB 2005


"Experience, knowledge, and understanding; intuition and feeling; contradiction, ambiguity and contrast all make their contribution   to the debate: Can I make Art that is not limited by my conditioning?" MB 2008


Since graduating in 1985, Michael has exhibited several substantial bodies of work both at home and abroad.  He has completed several portrait head sculpture commissions and has been commissioned to make artworks for outdoor and indoor environments.


Michael can be contacted with regard to negotiating commissions.


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