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Curriculum Vitae

NameNa    Michael Brimble

Website     http://michaelbrimble.com

Email        info@michaelbrimble.com



  ;               Exeter College of Art & Design

                 B.A.(Hons) Fine Art

  ;               Gwent College of Higher Education 

                 Diploma Foundation Studies (Art & Design)



2014-2015 Artist in Residence, Ampleforth College, York, UK.

2014         International Artist in Residence at the Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, Western Australia. 

2013-2014 Artist in Residence, Ampleforth College, York, UK.

2013         International Artist in Residence at the Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, Western Australia. 

2013         Esperance Biennial Art Awards Judge.

2012-2013 Artist in Residence, Ampleforth College, York, UK.

2012         International Artist in Residence at the Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, Western Australia

2011         Artist in Residence, Ampleforth College, York, UK.

2011         Summer Residency in Dahab, Egypt.

2010         Using the facilities at Ampleforth College in the UK to create a new body of work from local materials.

2010         Carving the local stone on the beaches of the UK during the summer.

2010         Artist Residency, Art and Wild Nature Foundation, Amargeti, Cyprus.

2009         Studios in the UK.

2008         Studios in Cyprus.

2008         Visiting Artist, Cyprus College of Art.

2008         Artist in Residence, Sherborne School, Dorset, England.

2007         Artist in Residence, Cyprus College of Art, Lemba, Cyprus.

2007         Artist in Residence, Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain.

2007         Studio Facilitator, Plymouth College of Art and Design, England.

2006         Private and public sculpture and painting commissions.

2005         EU Leonardo Recycling/Sustainability Work Placement, Cyprus.

2001-2005 Lecturer/AIR at Cyprus College of Art & OCA Programme Leader, Cyprus.

2000         Arts Council Grant to study Aboriginal rock art in Australia.

1999-2001 Artescape Fellow, Lincoln, England.

1997         Arts Council Grant to study Aboriginal rock art in Australia.

1996         British representative at GOYA Symposium, Sweden.

1995-1996 Artist Residency, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

1993-1994 Henrietta Bowder Award to study sculpture in West Africa.

1992-1993 Artescape Fellow, Lincoln, England.

1992         Jon Award Winner.

1991-1992 Arts Council Grant to study in Greece.

1990-1991 Cooperative member, Crescent Arts, Scarborough, England.

1985-1990 Studios in London and Cardiff, Wales.



2013  "Granite Carving"  Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, Western Australia.

2012  "Two Carvings" Vancouver Arts Centre, Western Australia

2010  "Amargeti Sculpture No5"  Carved Stone (AWNF, Cyprus)

2009  "Shropshire No6" Carved Stone (Private, UK)

2008  "New Sculpture" Steel, found objects and concrete (New work for Great Wall of Lemba, Cyprus College of Art)

2008  "Devitt Court", "JCR", "JCR 2", "Carrington" Carved and cast cement and found objects (Sherborne School, UK)

2007  "New Sculpture" Steel, found objects and concrete  (New section of Great Wall of Lemba, Cyprus College of Art)

2007  "Riverbed Sculpture" Carved stone and found objects (Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain)

2006  "Recycling Tree" Recycled Materials (NW Leicestershire District Council - Conkers, Leicestershire)

2005  "25 Years" Collage/Painting (IPH/Valio, Cyprus)

2003  "Totem"  Welded Steel (Art & Wildlife Trust, Cyprus)

2000  "SeriesVI" & "Ceres" Cardboard & resin (Artescape Trust, Lincoln)

1996  "Baga" Resin, Plaster & Steel (Artescape Trust, Lincoln)

1994  "Turtle" Woodcarving (Private Commission, Crete)

1992  "Sarcophagus" Construction (Private Commission, Australia)



2013  Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance, Western Australia (S)

2012  Ampleforth College, York, UK (G)

2012  Vancouver Art Centre, Albany, Western Australia (The siting of two site specific sculptures)

2011  Ampleforth College, York, UK (G)

2010  AWNF, Amargeti, Cyprus (S)

2008  Morfi Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (G)

2008  Sherborne School, UK (G)

2007  Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain (S)

2005  CCA Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus (S)

2005  House of Art & Literature, Paphos, Cyprus (G)

2004  Gallery En Plo, Paphos, Cyprus (G)

2004  CCA Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus (S)

2004 Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca, Cyprus (G)

2003 CCA Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus (S)

2003 Morfi Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (G)

2002 CCA Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus (S)

2002 Greestone Gallery, Lincoln (G)

2002 The Gallery, Lincoln (G)

2002 Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough (S)

2001 CCA Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus (G)

2001 Artescape Trust, Lincoln (S)

2000 Stamford Arts Centre (G)

2000 The Gallery, Lincoln (G)

1997 Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen (G)

1996 Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan (S)

1996 Library Gallery, Cardigan (S)

1994 Nike Cooperative, Oshogbo, Nigeria (G)

1994 The Guildhall, Boston (S)

1993 Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln (S)

1993 National Eisteddfod of Wales (G)

1993 Gagliardi Gallery, London (G)

1993 Cupola Gallery, Sheffield (G)

1993 Fowler Studios, London (G)

1993 Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (G)

1992 Llanover Hall, Cardiff (S)

1992 St David’s Hall, Cardiff (S)

1991 Swansea Arts Workshop Gallery (G)

1990 West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff (G)

1989 National Eisteddfod of Wales (G)

1989 Oriel Gallery, Cardiff (G)

(G)=Group and (S)=Solo Exhibitions